Los Altos Hills

Prestigious and purely residential rural community with some of the Bay Area’s largest and most luxurious estates.

Welcome to Los Altos Hills

Prestigious and purely residential rural community with some of the Bay Area’s largest and most luxurious estates.

With sprawling estates tucked atop rolling hills and more than 3000 acres of open space, the residential community of Los Altos Hills is an incredible rustic enclave of luxurious properties just a short distance away from the heart of Silicon Valley.

This exclusive neighborhood exudes a majestic rural ambiance. There are no sidewalks or streetlamps; rather, an abundance of walking and hiking trails lead to this elevated community’s panoramic views of the San Francisco Bay.

Los Altos Hills is conveniently located to allow residents to take advantage of the elegant restaurants and upscale shops and boutiques of nearby downtown Los Altos, as well as revel in a rustic setting that feels a world away from the bustle of Silicon Valley’s high-pressure tech scene at the same time.

Los Altos Hills Real Estate Insight

The luxurious residences of Los Altos Hills are the product of several waves of prosperity. Elegant ranch homes averaging 2500 square feet date back to the 1950s and the 1990s dotcom boom is reflected in grand Mediterranean and Tuscan villas. More recent properties exhibit the finest in cutting-edge technology and architecture and incorporate eco-focused design that includes LEED and solar technology.

Los Altos Hills’ zoning regulations enforce a minimum lot size of one acre and some of its most extravagant properties are situated on lots greater than ten acres. These lavish homes boast a range of bespoke amenities including tennis courts, spas, and swimming pools.

Los Altos Hills was the site of the United States’ first $100 million home sale, billionaire Facebook investor Yuri Milner purchase of a spectacular 25,500-square-foot French-style chateau equipped with a gym, spa, ballroom, wine cellar, and multiple swimming pools.

As Silicon Valley’s wealthiest founders age and seek quieter surroundings in which to raise families, Los Altos Hills has established itself as one of the most desirable areas in the San Francisco Bay area. The median sales price over the past twelve months was $3,867,000, with an average price per square foot of $1,159.

People & Lifestyle

Central to Los Altos Hills’ appeal among the billionaire entrepreneurs and investors connected to Silicon Valley tech firms is the purity of its rural character. It offers residents a secluded escape just a short drive away from the Silicon Valley headquarters of tech firms such as Google and Facebook.

The area contains open nature preserves including Westwind Barn and Rancho San Antonio, and Los Altos Hills Riding Arena provides an immaculately maintained space for residents to ride without formally belonging to a stables or equestrian club. Horse trails through Los Altos Hills’ open spaces are abundant, and the community’s sprawling estates are home to numerous private backyard pastures.

The Fremont Hills Country Club lies within Los Altos Hills, with ten tennis courts, two riding rings, and an Olympic swimming pool located in a family-friendly facility spread over seventeen rolling acres.

Local families enjoy access to public schools in the well-regarded Palo Alto and Los Altos school districts as well as the highly prestigious private schools located within Los Altos Hills.

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